A fairly new site developed by a guy I know. It promises some poetry from the talented Rachel Toulouse, some sound files from a musical group called Sleep-chasings, and some interesting images. Aside from that, it has some good design features, including good use of JavaScript and animated GIF's.
SIUE Computer Science Department
Information on the computer science programs at SIUE as well as the faculty and related information.
SIUE Web Publishing Information
Information about publishing your own web pages on the SIUE web server.
River Bluff Review 2000 Web Site
I was the head of the team that developed this site.
Lord of the Rings Movie Site
The greatest fantasy novels ever are going to be the greatest film trilogy...well, we'll see, but they'll surely be pretty darn good.
Judging Amy fan site
This is a nice site with some information about my favorite show. Episode guides, photographs, cast information, etc. Check it out.
TARGET="_blank">Skaal Tel Armada
This is the web site for the Homeworld clan that I'm in. Moreover, the site is managed by yours truly.